Steve's Shakey's Style Pizza

Note: You will need a Standard Home Oven for proper baking of this dough.

  Bakers' % in grams in ounces Recommended
Flour 100% 715 g 25.2 oz King Arthur Bread Flour
Water 42% 300 g 10.6 oz Water
Yeast or Starter 0.0000% 0.000 g 0.000 oz -No Yeast Needed
Salt 1.50% 10.72 g 0.38 oz Salt
Oil/Lards/Shortening 2.00% 14.3 g 0.5 oz Vegetable Oil
Sugar 0.00% 0.000 g 0.0 oz -No Sugar Needed
Other 0.00% 0.00 g 0.0 oz -No Others Needed
Totals   1040 g 36.68 oz  


* The above ingredients will yeild 4 doughballs of 260 grams each.

Want to customize this recipe for more or less dough? Use the calculator below. You may want to add a few grams to compensate for residue left in the mixing bowl.

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See ounces to grams conversion here.


Instructions from the forum thread:

1. Put the bowl fitted with the blade on my scale and tare.

2. Add 16 ounces (1 pound) flour, and tare.

3. Add 6.5 ounces of water (by weight).

4. Add 1 Tbsp vegetable shortening.

5. Add 1 tsp. salt.

6. Put bowl (with ingredients) on base of food processor.

7. Pulse a few times to get everything mixed.

8. Run processor for about 30-60 seconds until everything is incorporated and the mixture looks like coarse cornmeal.

9. Remove blade.

10. Dump contents onto clean countertop.

11. Squeeze "cornmeal" mixture into a ball and knead until it is a nice uniform (round) shape.

12. Press into a disc, then start rolling. Get it to about 12" and then let it rest for 5-10 minutes. Continue rolling (dust with flour if it sticks to your pin) until it's bigger than your cutter pan (I use a 16" pan which is perfect for this amount of dough).

13. Once the dough is approximately 18", rub and brush off the raw flour with the palm of your hand (both sides).

14. Place dough into greased cutter pan.

15. Dock thoroughly.

16. Use rolling pin to trim off excess dough (that's why it's called a "cutter" pan!)

17. Par-bake at 500 degrees F. on the second from bottom rack for 4 minutes.

18. Remove pan, use fork to pop any large air bubbles and gently press the air out.

19. Add sauce, shredded cheese, toppings.

20. Bake on the same rack until the crust is golden brown.

21. Remove from oven, slide pizza out of pan and onto wire cooling rack. Let cool for several minutes.

22. Slide pizza from cooling rack onto serving pan, cut, and enjoy!

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