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This is a tool that helps you to find dough recipes for the specific style of pizza that you are looking to try your hand at! Please remember that these recipes and workflow recommendations were created by many of the talented and dedicated pizza makers on the pizzamaking.com forum. Although these have been well tested by the creators and many others on the forum with great success, your results may vary depending on your equipment, your oven and your experience with pizza making. Even if you are a beginning and aspiring pizza maker, you will find a wealth of knowledge on dough making here, but I encourage you to visit the forums also, and see some of the photos and deeper details and insight that the recipe creators have shared!




New York



The crust of a Detroit-style pizza is occasionall twice-baked, it is usually baked in a well-oiled pan to a chewy medium-well-done state that gives the bottom and edges of the crust a fried/crunchy texture
Recipes for wood burning ovens that reach temps of over 900 degrees to 1000 degrees F. Mostly Neapolitan.
Generally recipes for New York Styles that require 4 minute bake times and extremely high heat.
Recipes for restaurant grade ovens that can exceed 600 degrees F.
Recipes for a BBQ grill with attachements that can simulate and retain higher temperatures of commercial ovens.
Recipes for pizza usually baked at tempuratures(400F - 500F) a home oven can produce.
Mirrors the style of pizza popularized in Naples using 00 flour, few toppings, and very-high temperature ovens.
Also known as Neapolitan-American style. Dough is stretched and/or tossed. Pizza has a bready rim that tapers down to a thin, foldable center.
A deep-dish style pizza characterized by a thick, bread-like crust with a crunchy exterior, and is most typically baked in a dark, well-seasoned, well-oiled rectangular or square pan.
Deep-dish crust with a biscuit-like texture and high, raised edge. Some varieties include stuffed and thin crust.

Pizza americana is a medium to thin crust pie that is crispy on the outside, yet soft inside. Found at popular pizzerias throughout the U.S. including Papa John's, Domino's, and Pizza Hut.